Cover of East City Art

My print entitled, "Hope is an Echo" made it to the cover of East City Art, a local Arts Weekly publication. By the way, the title derives from a poem by Carl Sandburg entitled, "Hope is a Tattered Flag"...I sometimes use poetry as an inspiration for art titles, usually after the art is created rather than before.

Hope is a Tattered Flag

Hope is a tattered flag and a dream of time.
Hope is a heartspun word, the rainbow, the shadblow in white
The evening star inviolable over the coal mines,
The shimmer of northern lights across a bitter winter night,
The blue hills beyond the smoke of the steel works,
The birds who go on singing to their mates in peace, war, peace,
The ten-cent crocus bulb blooming in a used-car salesroom,
The horseshoe over the door, the luckpiece in the pocket,
The kiss and the comforting laugh and resolve—
Hope is an echo, hope ties itself yonder, yonder.
The spring grass showing itself where least expected,
The rolling fluff of white clouds on a changeable sky,
The broadcast of strings from Japan, bells from Moscow,
Of the voice of the prime minister of Sweden carried
Across the sea in behalf of a world family of nations
And children singing chorals of the Christ child
And Bach being broadcast from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
And tall skyscrapers practically empty of tenants
And the hands of strong men groping for handholds
And the Salvation Army singing God loves us….

Carl Sandburg


New prints

New pigment prints on Moab Lasal archival matte paper, 8x10. Digital collages of personal imagery such as scanner photography of nests, textures and digital drawing. Will submit to Washington Printmakers National SmallWorks Exhibit. Now they accept digital work as well as handpulled prints, but each submission has to be 100 square inches or smaller! This is challenging since I have tried to work larger lately.

These will go to my new shop on the website and will be priced at 50 dollars each unframed from a limited edition of 20.  


Montgomery County Grant

I just finished about 7 days of solid grant writing. Applied to Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County MD, their  "Artist and Scholars Project Grant". Phew. That was hard work, but good experience, and valuable because it forced me to look at the art very closely and think more about what it means, as well as rewrite my artist statement. I narrowed the focus of the grant proposal a 12 month project to finish my nests and web series of prints and paintings. Cross your fingers!

New Exhibit in LA!

The LA Center for Digital Art has chosen my digital piece for an exhibit:

Electron Salon Series

International Group Exhibit

March 12-April 4, 2015 Reception: March 12 , 7-9pm In conjunction with the Downtown Art Walk

Digital Pigment print