Although I believe that an artist doesn’t need to wait for a “lightning bolt” of inspiration to create something meaningful, I do draw creative fuel from the natural world, my personal history and relationships, and other artists’ work. For me, the act of painting or printing is a tactile exercise in problem solving. The process of creating each piece provides a kind of visual examination of opposing forces at work, as well as their conflict and resolution.

In art, natural subjects can often act as metaphors for human experience, particularly the female experience. My recent work has specifically focused on nests and webs as symbols of ecology, maternity, and interconnectivity.

Their intricately woven textured forms appeal to me not only aesthetically but also because they represent creation, interaction, and community. I’m striving to create a visual representation of how these nurturing, delicate environments are constructed, and what happens when they fall apart due to natural processes or human neglect. Within each image there also lies a tension between the desire for freedom vs. containment, the forces of light and dark, between the needs of the whole and those of the individual. I make these pictures to remind myself of the fragility and intricacy of life, and the fact we are all delicately but profoundly bound to the world and other beings.

I hope you will find it rewarding to consider my intentions, but to feel free to bring your own interpretation to the work.