Clare Winslow In the Studio

Clare Winslow In the Studio

About the Artist

As a child and grandchild of painters, I grew up surrounded by vibrant art, and now cannot imagine a life without it.  In these turbulent times, I believe it is my mission to help you experience art’s transformative power.

Whether art is something you create or collect, it can soothe, energize, and enrich your life.  In my classes, I teach both beginners and working artists seeking to expand the boundaries of their creative practice.

Would you like to learn how to Screenprint, create Monotypes or enjoy the therapeutic benefits of painting abstract watercolors? See the Classes page above for a class that is right for you or Contact me to set up a one-on-one lesson. 

Are you an art enthusiast who loves seeing abstract paintings and prints in person? Contact me for a studio visit!

Triangle Studios is located at 7711 Old Georgetown Rd Studio B, Bethesda MD 20814.